Small Business Coaching

Our small business coaching is aimed at small business leaders.  We provide you with the support to develop necessary skills that enable you to lead and manage your business through a climate of continual change.  

Small business leaders have to perform a difficult juggling act.  They must hire high performing, self-motivated staff, manage the day-to-day affairs of the company, plan for the future and keep customers, employees and investors satisfied. Gaining competitive advantage is becoming increasingly difficult.  

Business coaching is emerging as a critical activity to support individual and team development and provide better results in customer satisfaction, productivity and overall organisational effectiveness. Ours is a tailored service for organisations wishing to master continuing change and achieve their business objectives.

What we do

We offer small businesses support with any issue they feel is preventing them from moving their business forward, from time management issues to business forecasting or staff recruitment.

Much of our recent work has involved:

  •    Establishing mission, purpose and values
  •    Strategic business planning
  •    Goal setting and action planning
  •    Implementing change
  •    Executive Development
  •    Performance Management
  •    Business Growth and Succession Planning
  •    Personal Development
  •    Development of people management strategies

Our small business clients have benefited from coaching in a number of ways:

  • Attraction of more business
  • Improvement of customer service
  • Greater initiative and accountability in managers
  • Streamlining of processes
  • Greater focus on performance
  • More effective use of resources
  • More flexible staff with broader skill sets

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