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One to One coaching

In these sessions we focus on what is important to you and your sport. There are often deep seated reasons for how we behave and why we do the things we do whether in competition or in training.

It is these drivers that we focus on during one to one sessions. They are centred around you, your history, what is important to you in your sport, how you perceive yourself as a competitor, fears, future aspirations and the things you would like to be different. We work with you to define some clear steps to change and what needs to happen in order to achieve your goals.

one to one coaching

No matter what level you participate in your sport not, there are often common issues that prevent us from being as successful as we might be. Whilst every coaching session is unique, a ‘typical’ coaching session may address some of the following:

  • Identifying your core values, negative beliefs or limiting decisions
  • Removing negative and increasing positive self-talk
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Enhancing concentration
  • Dealing with distractions
  • Working with nerves and managing fears
  • Making mistakes work for you
  • Developing visualisation techniques
  • Managing emotions and anxiety
  • Goal setting and planning ahead for good performance
  • Hypnosis (where appropriate)

It is not always possible to assist clients with lasting change in one session alone. Single sessions are best used for quick techniques for a very specific issue, they are not suitable for long standing or deep seated habits. For this reason, coaching can be structured over a series of sessions.

One to one coaching sessions do not replace the work of your trainer. We work in parallel with your coach or trainer to help you remove any mental blocks that may prevent you from applying the skills they have developed for competition.

Equestrian Sport Psychology Workshops

We run a series of workshops and seminars for Clubs, Training or Competition Centre's and Affiliated Bodies.  Typically, our workshops will include a range of topics from three core areas; 'Understanding You', 'Learning the Tools' and 'Preparing for Competition'.

These can be run as three separate workshops or we can tailor a workshop to include elements from all three.

Workshop 1. Understanding You

This is where we look at those aspects that are personal and unique to you as a rider in the way that you think and behave.

Workshop 2. Learning the Tools

This is where we give you practical tools that can be used both on and off horse to tackle specific issues that get in your way.  These tools are usually customised to you on the basis of the information discovered in workshop 1.

Workshop 3. Preparing for Competition

It’s all in the preparation!  Your brain is the tool that allows you to access all your previous training and experience.  This workshop provides a series of practical tools to help you prepare your brain for competition in a way that gets it working for you rather than against you!


We run 'From the Neck Up' clinics all around the country. These can be based at Equestrian Centres, Livery Yards or Training Establishments where we offer a number of individual 'pay as you go' coaching slots.

These days have been incredibly popular over the last few years and enable continuity for those riders with specific issues and flexibility for those who do not need to see us every month.

If you are interested in holding a 'From the Neck Up' clinic at your centre, please let us know.

Coach & Trainer Training

The most successful athletes in any discipline are often those with the most positive mental attitudes, motivation strategies, self-confidence and the ability to visualise success. Talent alone is no longer sufficient to reach and remain at top level sport or maintain consistency.

As coaches and trainers, we typically focus on technical expertise and skills to improve riders’ performance but less frequently do we provide them with sustainable mental strategies to cope with or remove fears, anxiety, stress and pressure that stop them from riding to the best of their ability. In these workshops we enhance training effectiveness by focusing on the real issues and enabling them to communicate in the language of their students’.

We work with professional coaches at all levels to enhance their skills in influencing those behavioural aspects that have the greatest impact on performance. Our work with groups and individual coaches provides a comprehensive ‘toolkit’ for removing mental and emotional blocks that prevent lasting improvement in performance. If your reputation relies on your ability to deliver tangible results through your riders, then this programme is for you.

‘It’s not what you know or what you can do, it’s how you get it across that makes the difference’

Dressage Judge Training - the psychology of judging!

Whilst there is currently increasing focus on the need for riders to manage their mind-set more effectively in dealing with the pressures of competition, the importance of dressage judges and the role they play in international competition can often be overlooked from a psychological perspective.

There is currently much emphasis on technical training for judges to develop consistency and common standards however there appears to be less focus on developing skills to manage the stress and pressure that this level of competition often brings, a significant cause of poor consistency and subjective standards.

The demands made of judges when judging possibly hundreds of horses in up to three solid days of competition can be immense and certainly affect aspects such as concentration, and objectivity over time. Calibration of multiple judges can sometimes cause a ‘score drift’ that does not always reflect an individual judges opinion of the test.

equestrian training

We work with judges on a number of issues to help maintain a balanced mind-set, deal with pressure and intense periods of concentration to maximise their effectiveness in competition. Developing self-awareness and an understanding of why we behave as we do under pressure is key to self-management. Much of our behaviour is influenced by our personal values and motivation patterns and learning to manage these particularly when they may differ from current thinking or trends in the sport.

We help judges understand what influences their own thinking and reactions in an area that is not an exact science. We also help them manage frustration or criticism whilst remaining positively focused on the key outcomes of their role.

Small Business Coaching

Our small business coaching is aimed at owners and managers of small equestrian businesses. We provide support to a range of business owners from livery yards, competition centres, saddleries, feed merchants, racing yards and riding schools to develop necessary skills that enable you to lead and manage your business through a climate of continual change.

Business owners have to perform a difficult juggling act. They must hire high performing, self-motivated staff, manage the day-to-day affairs of the business, plan for the future and keep customers, clients, landlords, owners and suppliers satisfied. Maintaining a thriving equestrian business is becoming increasingly difficult.

small business coaching
We aim to provide our small business owners a level of support, encouragement and motivation that enables them to reach their full potential, and provide them the tools they need to create the business they desire.

We do this by offering one to one help with any issue they feel is preventing them from moving their business forward from setting clear business objectives to business forecasting or managing staff.

Much of our recent work has involved:

  • Strategic business planning, establishing Values and Mission
  • Goal setting and action planning
  • Implementing change
  • Development of individuals and teams
  • Performance Management
  • Business Growth and Succession Planning
  • Personal Development
  • People Management

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