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Sales is a highly skilled profession and in today's competitive global marketplace, is becoming increasingly challenging. Customers have more choices, are better informed and the quality of the product or service alone is no longer sufficient to guarantee a sale.  

We all have days where motivation comes more easily to us than others. It has been suggested by some that at least half of successful sales are due to mental attributes, rather than technical skills or product knowledge.  Much research shows that out thoughts determine our feelings and actions and are often what differentiate high performing sales staff from the rest.

Our sales coaching is designed to identify and remove any negative or self-limiting behaviours that get in the way of outstanding performance.  These could be habitual where individuals are unaware of their existence or their impact, or they may have arisen due to a conflict in personal and corporate values.

What we do

Very often, negative beliefs or behavioural patterns can be present in otherwise highly talented sales performers who just never quite seem to fulfil their potential.  Our coaches work with those intrinsic factors that affect an individual's motivation and help move them from good sales people to outstanding sales people.

 In essence, we help people:

  • learn to read human behaviour and build trust
  • communicate in the customer's language
  • learn what customers really mean when they talk with you
  • broaden their sales techniques
  • understand customer buying strategies

Coaching affects the 'bottom line'.  Through coaching, organisations can maximise the effectiveness of each individual team member.  We take a tailored approach to each individual's development needs knowing that each person will start in a different place and learn different things from the process.

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