Executive Coaching

Over the past few years the corporate arena has undergone significant transformation.  Flatter organisational structures have resulted in high expectations of leaders to achieve 'more with less', to engage others more effectively and build strong successful teams.  

Interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence competencies are becoming increasingly important aspects of generating an energised, motivated workplace.  As such, corporate leaders today face enormous demands and require a much more subtle blend of attitudes, behaviours, skills, experience, values and of course, the motivation to succeed.

What we do

For Teams:

  • Defining the 'team', developing a sense of purpose and identity
  • Review of team structure, roles and processes
  • Setting vision, strategy, goal setting, prioritise and manage time more efficiently
  • Top team effectiveness through communication strategies, conflict management, identifying blockages and resistance to change.
  • Development of strategic planning skills
  • Fostering a change and performance culture

For Individuals:

  • Gain personal knowledge and insight into themselves and why they behave the way they do
  • Modification of interpersonal styles and development of specific skills and behaviours
  • Development of improved learning and growth strategies
  • Clarification of personal vision, values, goals and career development
  • Individual performance coaching
  • Overcoming self-limiting beliefs
  • Supporting ‘fast track’ candidates or those ‘new in role’.

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