Career Coaching

Change in our personal and professional lives suggests that the concept of the ‘traditional’ career path is becoming outdated.  Careers tend to be shorter and more diverse with many of us holding more jobs over a range of different careers throughout our lifetime than before.

Changing organisational structures leading to fewer management levels can mean that promotional opportunities tend to be fewer with greater emphasis on job rotation, multi-skilling and lateral promotion. Increasing flexibility and choice combined with a stronger focus on work life balance mean that we are able to meet a broad range of needs in many different ways.

Whether you are seeking to remove career blockages, take a mid-career change, dealing with job loss or looking to return to work after a period of leave, career coaching has been invaluable to many of our clients.  

What we do

We work with individuals and organisations helping them provide a structured approach to career development enabling them to plan ahead and identify opportunities to fulfill their career goals and their true potential.  Our clients have reported significant increases in staff engagement, flexibility and organisational capability as a result of career coaching.

We are committed to helping our clients:

  • clarify values and aspirations
  • increase performance and productivity
  • help recognise personal strengths and areas for development
  • overcome self-perception and limiting beliefs / behaviours to attaining goals
  • develop career goals
  • assist with effective self-marketing
  • providing honest ongoing feedback

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